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B.A. Culinary Art

Career prospects after BA in Culinary Art


B.A. in Culinary Art is a graduation degree where you specialise in food production area for 3 years. By giving your best to learn, understand and apply your knowledge that can lead you towards your culinary dream job. Culinary students after graduation have different paths in the culinary industry. In this course, you don’t just learn cooking but also learn food nutrition, safety and sanitation, hospitality management, culinary mathematics, food serving and purchasing etc.

Nowadays many culinary art graduates go on to become food stylists, recipe developers or food writers and even culinary YouTubers. Most of the culinary students dream to work on cruise lines.

Let’s take a tour on various career options available as you graduate from culinary school.

Restaurant Careers in 5-star hotels and signature restaurants

Working in a restaurant in 5-star property is the first choice for many culinary students. There many positions in a kitchen such as executive chef, sous chef, commis 1,2 and 3, station chefs, cooks, pastry chef, Gard manger cold kitchen Chef etc.

A culinary art degree will train you for any of these roles – with your passion and hard work you can reach to a higher level as soon as possible. There are many signature or theme restaurants where they can also start their career with.

Pastry Chef

If you decide to specialize in pastry art you’ll have opportunities to work in bakery and pastry department in hotels fine dining and different bakery outlets., Hands-on experience is every important if you want to take this as your career. You also can start your own bakery and pastry business.

Cruise lines

Many of the students dream job is to work on cruise lines because of the high paid salary and gets an opportunity to visit different countries at the same time. After taking 1 or 2 years of experience in 5 start property they can apply for the job in cruise lines. To work on cruise the student should be ready to work for long hours and should have passion for his or her work.

Catering Business

Catering is similar to a restaurant business but is typically bulk orders for special events such as festivals, weddings, conferences. The kitchen hierarchy will be the same manner as a restaurant kitchen but again you need to work hard to reach the position of executive chef.

Personal/Private Chef

Recently one of the more unique jobs for culinary art students after their graduation is working as a personal or private chef. As a personal chef, you will work for clients directly and create your own dishes as per their needs. As a private chef, you’ll work for one client only, and be expected to travel with them, also take care of their diet.

Recipe Developer

If you are good at experimenting and research work, you can also work as a recipe developer and take that as your career. You will work on creating recipes for restaurants, special catering menus, and recipe books. You can also start your own consultancy for the planning of menus and recipes.

Food Writer

If you have writing skills, you can also contribute by writing food blogs for online media and print media like food magazines and newspapers. There are a lot of changes to get recognition in short time.

Food Stylist

Most of the culinary students are attracted to this career and ready to show their art and creativity. Students with flair art and culinary skills can do wonders in food styling. Food stylists are people who arrange food in beautiful ways so it can be photographed or displayed, and graduates of culinary art programs make great food stylists. Many students have started their own food styling ventures just after their graduation with such a rewarding job.

As a culinary art graduate student, you are exposed to various range of food-related industries and not only restaurants. You need to explore more knowledge and work on your skill during your 3 years in culinary school to achieve your dreams and goals.

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