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Patisserie Masterclass by chef Manuel Bouillet 2024

Patisserie Masterclass by chef Manuel Bouillet 2024

5th February 2024

Course: T.Y. BA. Culinary Art
Venue: School for European Pastry, Mumbai.
Date: 05th February 2024
No. of Participants: 1
The Masterclass on Patisserie conducted by Chef Manuel Bouillet on 5th February 2024 at the School for European Pastry was a highly anticipated event. The class was attended by Chef Yolanda Gomes and a student from TY BACA, Ms. Renee Mathew. Chef Manuel Bouillet, an Executive Pastry Chef with years of rich experience, shared his expertise and passion for patisserie with the students. The masterclass started at 9 am and lasted until 4 pm, providing ample time for the students to learn the art of pastry making. During the Masterclass, Chef Bouillet demonstrated the making of three delectable pastries: Japanese Cheesecake, Summer Coconut Strawberry, and Fluer De Goyave. He guided the students through each step of the process, explaining the various types of sponges, ingredients, cooking times, methods, and preservation techniques. He also discussed the fundamental principles of pastry making, providing valuable insights and tips. The Masterclass was not only informative but also inspiring. Chef Bouillet's passion and enthusiasm for his craft were evident in his teaching style. His dedication to the art of patisserie left a lasting impression on all the attendees, who were inspired to pursue their own culinary dreams. Overall, the masterclass on patisserie conducted by Chef Manuel Bouillet was a resounding success, providing the students with valuable knowledge and leaving them motivated to excel in the world of pastry making.