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Oeuf : The Yolks on Us

Oeuf : The Yolks on Us

15th February 2024

The Students of TY BACA curated an elaborate breakfast menu “Oeuf : The Yolks on Us” for the faculty members at Hibiscus on 15th February 2024. The spread included an extravagant variety of Assorted Fruits, Cereal, Parfaits, Viennoseries, Quiches, and Cakes along live counters for Waffles and eggs preparations. An Intricate menu of hot and cold. Beverages including assorted Teas, Coffee like Cold brew & also Hot Chocolate accompanied the food. The highlights namely being the Pinwheel Berry Danish Pastry, Bulgarian Prinzensi, Soufflé Pancakes & the opulent waffle accompaniments. A scrumptious and heart-warming meal, providing an energetic start to the day was most definitely provided, making the event nothing short of mesmerizing.