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Drinq Bartending Guest Lecture

27th June, 2023

Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management (SRIHM) conducted a Guest Lecture and Bartending demonstration on the 27th of June 2023 by Drinq Bar Academy to introduce the students to opportunities in the field of bartending. Drinq Bar Academy provides government recognized bartending courses along with certificates. During the demonstration Mr. Babuji Jinaga, one of the head teachers at Drinq Bar Academy and also a bartender with a rich experience of 17 years, taught us about the different aspects of bartending. He told us about the history behind various terms used in this industry and gave an exciting display of many different methods of preparing mocktails and cocktails such as shaking, stirring, layering etc. after which Mohammad, the flare teacher at Drinq Bar Academy, came with immaculate showmanship to show the skill of juggling. He also briefed the students about the advantages of being a Sommelier or Mixologist. Moving forward the students were asked to volunteer to prepare some mocktails using ingredients of their choice and thus given an opportunity to try out different skills. With the active participation of our students and guidance of the teachers, the students were able to create beautiful drinks. Towards the end of the demonstration, the students were given 2 different non-alcoholic drinks made by the Drinq Bar Academy using Molecular Mixology. The drinks were inspired from Hawaiian and Indian Beverages respectively. The Hawaiian drink used Sprite as a base and had mini ball like structures made of blue curacao while the Indian drink had a flavour of paan and looked like a drink enclosed in a transparent membrane which was an exquisite vision. The event concluded with all the students raising a toast together. There was a Quiz conducted as well by Drinq Bar Academy for the students on the bar equipment displayed and beverages which were demonstrated. After the demonstration feedback on the same was taken from the students by the College.