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Dlle Career Fair

17 th March , 2023

The Department and Lifelong & Extension (DLLE) Unit of Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management (SRIHM) conducted their Annual Career Fair for the students of Purushottam High School, Bandra on 17th March 2023 in the 5th floor lobby. The Career Fair adds on to the annual extension work for the DLLE members of SRIHM. The students of Purushottam High School were 9th graders and were accompanied by their teachers. They arrived at 10:00 AM on Friday morning, enthusiastic to know more about the career options that were going to be presented to them.

The DLLE members of SRIHM put up an interactive and amazing fair in just two days. The DLLE Student Managers divided and sectioned the students into different professions that they would have to present. Each group was also assigned either a second-year student or third-year student to guide them as the group team-leaders (TL).

The TLs along with their team members sat down together and brainstormed on ways best to present the professions that they were assigned. Fortunately, with all the creativity that followed the brainstorming session, the students were able to present their professions in quite interactive and understandable ways. The students prepared PPTs, charts, models, monologues, props and some even took the effort of presenting on the table the real things used in the professions.

The careers presented to the students were as follows - Sports, Medical, Defence Forces, Fashion, Hospitality, Business, Aviation, Film, Architecture. The students of Purushottam High School were given brief explanations about the profession in regards to the educational qualification required, famous colleges to study the course from, job opportunities and a gist of the job itself. This also followed a college tour where the students were exposed to the functioning of a Hospitality Institute. Questionnaires with fun elements were conducted for the students while they were seated in the class post the tour. To end Career Fair 2023 on a happy note, refreshments were provided to the Purushottam High School students and gifts were given as a token of luck for their academic journey.