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Thai Cuisine Demonstration Workshop

Thai Cuisine Demonstration Workshop

15th of September

The morning of Friday the 15th of September 2023 was a very valuable one for the students of SYBACA with regards to their pursuit of knowledge in international cuisines. An alumni of SRIHM, Ms. Akansha, together with the Business Head of Urban Gourmet India Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Akshat Agarwal, had invited Thai Chef, Mrs. Khun Nong to our college to demonstrate and educate the students on the basics, the styles of food, preparation methods and other core factors of Thai Cuisine with them. The session started at 9:00am, as the volunteering students of the batch had set the workstations ready for our guests and had done all the necessary pre-preparations for the smooth flow of the workshop. The invitees were welcomed by our faculty heads; Chef Stany Fernandez, Chef Dilraj Singh Bhamrah, and Chef Sameer Dighe.   Ms. Akansha briefed the students about Chef Khun Nong and they all immediately started the preparations of the dishes which were to be presented to the students. They considered the vegetarian students as well and specially prepared vegetarian versions of the dishes too. Chef Akshat would showcase the process of making the meals, right from the paste base, to the garnish and also informed the students about the crucial ingredients that were used in the recipe, how they would impact the dish, as well as substitutes for them. He passed around the chilli paste, the mushroom sauce, palm sugar, Thai basil leaves and the chilli soy sauce and other speciality ingredients for the students to savor. Once the food was ready, the final presentations were done by Chef Khun Nong herself. The dishes that she prepared were: Chiang Mai prawns curry, Thai basil red rice, Pok Choy Tofu with Het nam Prik and Pad kee Mao and Pad See Ew. The workshop was concluded by Chef Stany conveying the vote of thanks to our guests and we then captured this special moment with a photograph. Chef Dilraj, Chef Sameer and Chef Stany handed out gift hampers to the guest Chefs to thank them for the informative workshop. The students and the faculty were asked to relish the dishes prepared, which we all agreed had satisfied our taste buds. With this, the workshop came to an end.