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Career opportunities in Hotel Management

Hospital & tourism industry has emerged as one of the key drivers of growth amongst the service industry in India. International hotel chains are likely to multiply their investment expansion and plans in India and are expected to account for 50 % share in the Indian hospitality industry by 2022, from the current 44%. The employment in the sector is expected to rise to 46.42 million by 2026. The opportunities are varied and diverse waiting to be explored by the right candidate with the right training. Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management is committed towards creating the harbingers of growth with the help of programs like B.A. (Culinary Arts) and B.Sc. (Hospitality Studies).


Hotels provide a perfect mélange of career opportunities as per your liking and interest, you can choose to be a culinary specialist or a wine connoisseur, exert your management skills or add beauty with your skills in interior design. F&B, housekeeping, service etc. departments provide ample roles and opportunities as per your aptitude and liking.


Similar to hotels, restaurants have immense opportunities for both culinary and managerial enthusiasts.

Pubs & Bars

Fascinated by stacked up bar cabinets? Or the bartender whirling bottles at late night parties? Pubs& bars are the perfect avenues for you.

Institutional Catering

If you are generally concerned about modern society’s food habits and lack of nutritional value in fast food, institutional catering can be your calling.

Industrial Catering

Think you can manage large quantity kitchens or the huge cafeterias in corporate houses? If yes, then a career in industrial catering can be yours to keep.


All that grooming, courtesies, protocols, mass F&B management your training in hotel management, makes eligible for varied career opportunities like flight attendants, catering, on-ground management, etc, jobs in airlines.

Cruise Ships

Be on a voyage and work at the same time! Cruise ships are like hotels off the shore and have all the same opportunities on the waters instead of ground, best for travel enthusiasts.

Hospital Catering

Extend special care towards patients with nutritious foods as per their health needs & requirements, to simplify, its customization at a mass level.

Fast Food

Fast food, quick bites are the call of the hour given the busy schedule of the urban population, cater to this rising demand by managing various aspects of a chain fast food establishment.

Customer Service

Times have moved from “caveat emptor” to “caveat venditor”, customer is king and every business needs skilled customer service professionals to please the king!


Own a restaurant or open a fast food chain, bake your way to success or start a catering service as a hotel management graduate, let your imagination run wild because with the right skills success is assured.

Teaching Educational Institutes

Teaching is the best way to give back to the society. Share your experience, knowledge and skills with young aspiring minds and have the power to bring the change for a better future.

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