One Year Professional Programme In Bakery & Pastry

Programme Topics: Lean yeast dough’s, Rich yeast dough’s, Quick breads, Doughnuts, fritters, pancakes, Basic syrups, creams, and sauces, Cookies, Pies, Pastry basics, Tarts and special pastries, Cake mixing, baking and decorating, Popular international cakes, Popular international desserts, Puddings, mousses, and soufflés, Chocolate (tempering, moulding, garnishing), Eggless baking basics, Basics of sugar craft, Plate presentation, Hygiene and sanitation, Bakery equipments, Menu designing.

The programme is divided into two parts


Six months at the college (4 days practical sessions, 1 day of theory)


Six months internship at a hotel, standalone bakery. (Instructor will continuosly be in touch during training and reports have to be submitted on a regular basis)

Choco Magic

Conjure up a variety of chocolate creations and display you skills with family and friends.
mango ganache, chocolate ganache, Fudge, nut clusters
Duration: 1 day
Date: 7 th May 2016
Fee: INR 2500/-

Cupcakes Fiesta

Mango , Chocolate, Red velvet
Duration: 1 day
Date: 6 th May 2016
Fee: INR 2500/-

Eggless Baking

Hands-on classes for anyone with a passion to learn the basics of good baking.
Focaccia, fresh fruit cake, cup cake, baked yoghurt, chocolate truffle cake, baked yoghurt, butter cookies
Duration: 2 days
Date: 20 & 21st May 2016
Fee: INR 5000/-

Cake Walk

You don't have to take a trip anywhere to learn how to make these traditional cake from around the world.
Apple streusel, choc truffle, mango cake, carrot cake, cream cheese brownie, black forest
Duration: 2 days
Date: 27 - 28 th May 2016
Fee: INR 5000/-

Desserts Hot n Cold

Tiramisu, Mango mousse cake, Baked cheese cake, chocolate fondant, stickt toffee pudding, churros
Duration: 2 days
Date: 17 - 18th May 2016
Fee: INR 5000/-

International Breads

Focaccia, Ciabatta, Fougasse, baguette, Multi grain bread and rye bread
Duration: 2 days
Date: 24 - 25th 4th May 2016
Fee: INR 4000/-

World Cuisine Workshop

Duration: 6 Days
Day 1-Thai
Day 2-Chinese
Day 3-Italian
Day 4-Veg Healthy Cuisine (Soups)
Day 5-Salads
Day 6- Starters & Maincourse
Date: 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26 th May 2016
Fee: INR 12000/-

One Month Workshop On Bakery & Patisserie

The course covers 45-50 recipes in four weeks
Duration: 1 Month
Date: 9th May Onwards
Fee: INR 20000/-