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Student Speak

Ms. Mili Vakilna B.Sc. (Hospitality Studies)

From the first moment I came to the Sheila Raheja Institute of hotel management, I was greeted with energy and enthusiasm. This institute exposes us to an ocean of opportunities which would make us more focused and interested in this industry. The unconditional love and support of the faculty members and Mr. Sahni give us the opportunity to fly and achieve milestones. I feel privileged to join this institute as they guide and provide us with all the amenities needed for a great education. The hospitality industry needs colleges like Sheila Raheja Institute Of Hotel Management to introduce shining stars to the industry. Pride and privilege describe my feeling for this institute. I feel proud to be a part of the SRIHM family.

Ms. Darshana Baria B.Sc. (Hospitality Studies)

The first day I entered the college, the infrastructure and the facilities here just mesmerized me, this college has never failed to astonish me. Be education, the atmosphere or extra-curricular activities, the college is one step ahead of all. The Principal here is very supportive and encourages one on one interaction. Faculty members are always available for students and conduct interactive, fun-oriented classes. They also ensure research and individual approach. The faculty of respective departments has knowledge in depth. I feel proud to be part of this college.

Mr. Devendra Rai B.Sc. (Hospitality Studies)

I am a proud student of SRIHM. My reason for taking admission in this college was not only the infrastructure but also the friendly nature and efficiency of the staff members. I remember the day when I first visited this college, a second-year student familiarized me with the infrastructure and the facilities of the college. The way he was communicating with me and explaining each and every detail with confidence impressed me.The first year was beyond my expectations. The experience has changed me a lot, earlier I was shy and was unable to communicate with people, but after spending a year in this college, I have learned how to be a good communicator. The faculty members, especially the principal, are supportive and are always ready to help the students. I hope my second and third year will be a lot more exciting with new learning experiences.

Mr. Yash Rane B.Sc. (Hospitality Studies)

My experience at the college was pretty amazing in all the three years. It took time for me initially to adjust with discipline and grooming standards, but later it was never an issue. The faculty in SRIHM is very supportive and also informative in every aspect, especially when it comes to academic knowledge which needs to be achieved by the students.

Ms. Aishwarya Salunkhe B.Sc. (Hospitality Studies)

It has been a wonderful experience since I joined the college. The first impression of this college was its excellent infrastructure and facilities provided. Secondly, the faculty members and the Principal are very supportive and encouraging. Over here you are provided with the best, of the best. You are trained to the high standards that are required by the hospitality industry. Various lectures organized have provided interesting opportunities to become familiar with the world of hospitality . We have the best faculty members who are really experienced and have a wonderful style of teaching. I am really glad that I choose this college for pursuing my graduation in B.Sc. in Hospitality studies. Apart from academics, we are provided several opportunities for acquiring hands-on experience with professionals. I feel gratified to join Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management.

Mr. Sajal Saxena B.Sc. (Hospitality Studies)

Joining Sheila Raheja Institute of hotel management was indeed a turning point in my life. The Institute and the faculty members have given me a path to lead me to success. The Institute itself has great infrastructure and the best faculty members anyone could ever ask for. The positivity which one gets from the faculty members cannot be found elsewhere. The principal, Mr. B.P. Sahni, is a guiding light in every student’s life as his door is always open for guidance and counselling. It is my pleasure to get into this prestigious Institute, which offers world-class infrastructure and makes the student learn the qualities and skills required in real life.

Ms. Anushka Navalkar B.Sc. (Hospitality Studies)

Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management is an epitome of knowledge. What made me choose this college over IHM Mumbai is the excellent infrastructure, the highly educated faculty members and the various opportunities provided, make us learn in an interactive way. Apart from the teaching staff, the non-teaching staff is also very friendly. The student’s inner talents are also encouraged through various sports and cultural events and competitions. It has been a year now at SRIHM and I truly believe that I made a right decision by choosing this college for pursuing my career in the Hospitality Industry. To be trained precisely in the Hotel Industry, one should choose this college.

Mr. Pratik Mhatre (Assoc. Hospitality Studies)

My first-year experience at this college was very good. The faculty members are very friendly towards us and are always ready to help us, be it rain or shine. We are also given activities to understand the concept that is being taught to us. This college gives us a chance to show up our talent through competitions and various events. The smart class learning helps us to absorb whatever they teach us with audiovisual aids. The college frequently organizes seminars where Industry professionals like CEOs, Managers, Celebrities, Executives come, address and provide us knowledge and facts about the industry. Overall it was a fantastic experience to get enrolled for Hospitality course.

Shivani rane

Ms. Shivani Rane B.A. (Culinary Arts)

SRIHM has been a stepping stone in my life. The college has greeted me with an air of positivity and generosity which it never fails to portray through all its endless endeavours. The college has provided us with numerous facilities and the state of the art infrastructure which makes the learning process even more engaging and intriguing. The practicality and the avid opportunities provided by the college have supported me in all my pursuits.

Ms. Tanisha Rao B.A. (Culinary Arts)

Joining SRIHM has been a turning point in my life. Since my first moment here, I have been surrounded by an aura of positivity and enthusiasm. The college gives the best of opportunities and amenities to fine-tune our talents. The faculty here are masters at guidance and are well-read. We are trained to be good hospitality professionals, and also all-rounders. I hope to make good use of the facilities we are exposed to and broaden my spectrum at SRIHM.

rao tanisha
shetty shloka

Ms. Shloka Shetty B.A. (Culinary Arts)

Joining SRIHM has given me an opportunity to fulfil my dreams.The college environment has helped me come out of my shell and boosted me to shine over the brief year with countless number of opportunities. From the very first day, I have felt that I’m in the right place; where the infrastructure, facilities, faculties and the atmosphere has blended in together, to create a positive learning space and this has taught me to be confident in all my endeavors.



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