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Prinicpal B.P. Sahni
B.P. Sahni


We welcome you to an experience of exceptional education in the field of Hospitality.

The challenge of hospitality education today is about the convergence and unification of three considerably formidable forces –
(i) Teaching
(ii) Learning and
(iii) Creating a human asset that with eclectic sensibilities. While the first is accomplished through trained and qualified lecturers and instructors, the second by providing an optimal infrastructure and conducive atmosphere, it is the last that offers us the utmost motivation and will, in the years to come and differentiate SR IHM from other hospitality institutions.

For student’s intent on pursuing a profession in Hospitality Management, this is their final interlude before their lives gravitate into the flux of their working careers. We at SR IHM are faced with the daunting task of developing them into individuals of substance – multi-dimensionally empowered to handle the challenges of the exacting and often demanding hospitality industry.

Our proficient faculty focus on developing students to think critically and work collaboratively to ensure peerless standards.

While maintaining the highest standards of education at our Institute, we have also developed specialized Diploma, Associate Degree, Degree and Postgraduate Degree programs for the University of Mumbai in Hospitality and Culinary Arts. These will attract and enable a wide spectrum of students to this challenging industry.

At SR IHM, we emphasize bringing about a transition in attitude, synchronous with the current demands of the industry, cognizant of the fact that once this is achieved, success is imminent.

As the head of SR IHM, my team members and I believe that with our combined and relentless efforts we will establish an institution that would be the first among equals.

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