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Infrastructure - Virtual Hotel Within The Campus

Six air-conditioned classrooms with a controlled environment and audio-visual equipment facilitate an efficient and effective teaching-learning process, enabling comprehension and retention of concepts and information which will enhance student’s performance academically and in their careers beyond.

  • Premium Learning Centers

The first year students would be introduced to elementary culinary skills in the two air-conditioned Basic Training Kitchens. They would have the opportunity to work individually, familiarizing themselves with pre-preparation procedures, methods of cooking and basic recipes in Indian and International cuisine that will provide them with a strong foundation in culinary expertise

The air-conditioned Quantity Training Kitchen is where the second year students apply processes to bulk cooking. This kitchen is fitted with technologically advanced heavy-duty equipment to sustain volume food preparation. Students have the opportunity to work in teams to prepare menus catering up to 500 persons on a daily basis. This is in synchronicity with the large-scale production that they would experience in most hotels. Perhaps, the first of its kind in any hospitality training institute is a Butchery attached to the Quantity Kitchen where chefs demonstrate and students practise the techniques of preparing commercial cuts of meat, poultry and fish. A large-scale walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer support this bulk food production area for cold storage and food preservation

  • Quantity Training Kitchen

Two Advanced Training Kitchens (HACCP Certification Ready) designed to global standards provide cutting edge practical training in a wide range of international cuisines for the final year students.

The Garde Manger or Larder is a specialized section of the kitchen in which students learn and practice the hygienic preparation of salads, sandwiches and cold cuts of meats within a temperature controlled environment.

The air-conditioned Bakery serves the purpose of training students to learn the intricacies of time, temperature and methods to craft varieties of bread, selections of biscuits and a diverse range of cakes.

The Confectionery (HACCP Certification Ready) is an outlet for mastering the art of patisserie. Students acquire skills for concocting delicious desserts, decorating cakes, creating chocolates and innovating confectionery items.

Cutting meat is a formidable task if you don’t have the required skills. The various cuts of meat that show up on a plate is a result of jointing the whole animal into restaurant-ready or ready-to-cook portions. Learning hands-on with professional equipment provides the students with the opportunity to explore the craft of butchery.

Two air-conditioned Training Restaurants (Hibiscus & Gulmohar) provide a simulated environment to train students in the techniques of food and beverage operations and guest service.

Two Cocktail Bars offer students adequate opportunity to acquire and hone their skills in mixology and flair bartending

Both these areas are meticulously designed and stocked with a full complement of equipment and service ware.

The air-conditioned Front Office Lab provides students with the set-up to role play the procedures involved in handling arrival and departure of hotel guests and dealing with situations that they are likely to encounter in the Front Office department. Property Management System software, which today is the heart of a successful hotel property operation will ensure that students are familiar with current practices.

Two air-conditioned Housekeeping Labs with all imported cleaning equipment are used for conducting practical sessions related to cleaning, flower arrangement, linen and laundry operations. The institute has pragmatically provided two guestrooms with a design and dècor akin to those of a deluxe hotel. These are used to demonstrate guestroom cleaning, bedmaking and placing of guest amenities and supplies.Modern cleaning equipment allows students to experience advanced cleaning technology.

The profile of a successful hospitality employee additionally necessitates stamina, fitness and well-being to sustain quality performance. With this in mind SR IHM has a well-equipped air-conditioned gymnasium on its premises accessible to students during non-college hours.

Our air-conditioned Library has a catalogued collection of a variety of information and knowledge resources available to students for reference. This is complemented by digital access to information via computer terminals with internet connection. There is also a provision for scanning, printing and photocopying.

The air-conditioned Computer Lab offers student’s access to internet and software to carry out research and to complete assignments. Students work at computer terminals individually to comprehend generic & property management software and complete classroom coursework.

Spacious lockers have been provided by the college for student’s use, keeping in mind that students are required to emphasize on personal grooming standards and need to change their uniforms within the college premises (often multiple times a day).

The Dining Room (Rainbow) provides students with the opportunity to interact and network with one another over lunch cooked by their peers.

A 500-seater, air-conditioned auditorium adds tremendous efficacy and escalates the impression of the Institute when college events, large scale seminars, screenings, cultural events and specialist guest lecturers from the hospitality industry are to be hosted.



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