Vegan Master Chef Challenge

Attendees : Dr. Rupa Shah, Ms. Jinal Rathod, Mr. Samir Pasad, Ms. Natasha Shukla, Ms. Parmita, Dr. Nishita

A seminar on the concept and nutrition of Whole Plant Based foods was conducted by Ms. Malvika Kathpal on 24th February followed by which 66 first and second year students decided to take part in the contest. The name of the competition was ‘Vegan Master chef challenge’. The students were given the challenge of preparing 100% plant based dishes in 3 broad categories:

Starter: Russian Salad with the challenge of dressing it with a vegan mayonnaise
Main Course: BBQ Black Bean Burger in oil free buns (Surprise Recipe-Technical Challenge)
Dessert: Chocolate Mousse

With so much variety coming from 33 teams, the judges had a truly tough challenge of choosing and marking the best ones. The competition was held on 3rd March,2018.

The judges were:

  • Dr. Rupa Shah: An allopathy doctor, who runs an institution called, Circle of Health and believes in helping her patients get rid of lifestyle diseases with whole plant based foods. She is also involved in researching about Indian flower remedies and has written a book called, ‘Dairy Alternatives’ for those who are new to the vegan lifestyle.
  • Ms. Jinal Rathod: Manager of ‘The Birdsong Cafe’, Bandra. She has been implemental in introducing vegan recipes in her restaurant. It is one of the first places where Mumbaikars could get a taste of vegan food. All credit goes to Jinal for making this happen.
  • Mr. Samir Pasad: A vegan himself, who runs Vegan Bites, a kitchen that serves healthy vegan tiffin meals and makes gourmet vegan ice creams.
  • Ms. Natasha Shukla- A vegan and singer, who has started baking and selling vegan goodies from her home. Cakes, Pastries etc. are her forte.
  • Ms. Parmita – A vegan who supplies almond milk at early morning hours, and has aptly named her company as ‘Break of Dawn’.
  • Dr. Nishita – A homeopathic doctor, who heals her patients via whole plant based nutrition.


Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management - SRIHM