Attendees: Mr. Shyam Wadhwani – President of Bombay Suburban arts and Crafts Education Society , Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna, Principal, Staff and Students of SRIHM

PATRA….pursuing the silent witnesses of Indian culinary in oblivion….

Sheila Raheja Hotel and Catering School took immense pride in hosting Michelin Star Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna for the launch of his book ”Patra…Heritage of Indian Kitchen” on 13th December 2018. Chef Vikas Khanna, a world renowned culinary enthusiastic, a philanthropist who upheaved Indian cuisine to international platform has brought into picture the tales of elapsed utensils, vessels that forms an indispensable part of our Indian kitchens.

From the stage of conception to evolution the journey of this expansive research of “Patra” has been that of a high intrigue and fascination to Chef Vikas Khanna. “PATRA… Heritage of Indian Kitchen” is an attempt to revive the past, a thread connecting age old traditions and heritage to new progressing generation of modern cookery.
PATRA unfolds the grace, intrinsic beauty of the skilled craftsmen that transformed metal sheaths into luminous objects of gastronomical manifestation.


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