Mrs Asia

Attendees: Mrs. Navnidhi Wadhwa , Faculties and First year students

Mrs Navnidhi Wadhwa, Mrs Asia visited Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management on 15th Oct 2018 to address the first year students on the issues and challenges faced by them. She discussed the various steps to be incorporated in day to day life to manage stress.

The discussion begun on an informative note highlighting the elements of stress and having an interactive session of question and answers pertaining to college life. Questions were put forth by students asking about ways to maintain equilibrium between social and professional life.

Mrs Wadhwa gave an insight of the trials and tribulations faced by her while climbing the ladder of success and the various strategies adopted to strike the perfect balance between these two. She laid emphasis on the importance of taking small yet important steps to make every actions and moment well spent and well experienced. She spoke about the essence of “me time” through effective practices of meditation for minimum ten minutes a day and graph a life plan so as to strive towards your goals.

The students were impressed by her ability to tackle difficulties with a positive spirit and sporting demeanour.


Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management - SRIHM