Lakme Grooming Session

Attendees: Babita Barla, Monal Saxena, Deepmala Shinde(From Lakme), Front office Dept and Students of SRIHM

“Looking Good is one of the highest form of self-respect”

True to these words, SRIHM in liaison with Lakme Academy held a workshop on Grooming and Styling for the final year students on 8th January 2019.

“Learn to love yourself” is the motto of Lakme and they incorporate the concept of impeccable grooming as an integral and indispensable part of one’s personality.

The session incorporated every minute detailing on skin care, corporate make-up application, corporate hair styling and perfect saree draping as per the industry requirement.

An awareness of Make-up as an essential part of daily regime to enhance and accentuate an individual’s features and make him/her more presentable was created very efficiently amongst the students. Hair style of an individual speaks volumes about them, becomes their reflection and an exemplary sign of their identity. Corporate hair styling was demonstrated by experts and day to day hair care solutions were also given. The elegance of saree was personified by experts in draping the garment with utmost sophistication.

The session indeed gave a great learning that “The face you give to the world tells the world how to treat you……….”


Sheila Raheja Hotel & catering School