Attendees: Chef Rona Kairupan, Chef Deny Sualang, Ms. Tennike Erman, Chef Varun Imandar, Chef Ruhee Bhimani, Chef Prashant Sabne, Chef Vivek Kadam, Chef Jarson Fernandes

Raheja Institute of Hotel and Catering Management initiated the confectionary product launch of the premium exquisite chocolate brand that flew in especially from Indonesia. The aroma of “Chocolate “sinuously reminds us of the rich and luscious taste of Belgium and Switzerland chocolates.
We searched far only to find amidst us a doorway to chocolate aficionados. The chefs from Indonesia brought with them an array of delight in the form of Chocolate Truffle, 5-layered cake, Praline and the highlight of the day was Doughnuts with a Glaze.

Chef Rona Kairupan : specialized in Bread and Cake Consultant along with Chef Ahmad Nasrudin and Chef Deny Sualang demonstrated their expertize at the Sheila Raheja Institute Seminar hall on the 13th of July 2018. The function was inaugurated by the Consulate-General of the Republic of Indonesian Ms. Tennike Erman (Socio-Culture). Along with Principal Mr B.P. Sahni and the Head of Culinary Department Chef Yogesh Utekar welcomed over 200 invitees around different segments in hospitality majorly home bakers, Hospitality students, Hospitality professionals, Chefs and Bakery and Confectionary faculty from various Hospitality Institutes.

The function started with the chefs preparing live confectionary delights demonstrating the brand products to the crème de la crème of the confectionary world. Top celebrity Chef Varun Imandar, Chef Ruhee Bhimani, Chef Prashant Sabne from The Oberoi Mumbai, Chef Vivek Kadam from the ITC and Chef Jarson Fernandes from the Sea Princess were a few.

The IHM students of the Sheila Raheja witnessed the creation of the 5 layered cake and Mousse delights. The students assisted Chef Rona along with Chef Reshma Nagarkar the facility in charge of bakery to make over 1000 glazed doughnuts with various flavours like Macha, Tiramisu, Mango, Banana, Chocolate, Pralines flavoured with cherry, mango, mix peel; Chocolate truffles, Various cakes like Banana Chocolate, Japanese fluffy sponge layered with Mango Chocolate filling, different types of mousse like strawberry vanilla and chocolate. It was truly a creative and extensive learning curve for the confectionary students preparing for the industry.

A sumptuous meal along with a Tasting table displayed with mouth-watering Desserts, Goodie bag of Doughnut, Participation certification and a plethora of confectionary knowledge opening new doors for the cacao from Indonesia.


Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management - SRIHM