Cake Mixing

Attendees: Principal and staff of SRIHM

Mixing the spirit of love…for the Season of Giving!!

It’s not what under the Christmas tree that matters. But those around it do…!!

SRIHM held a pompous ceremony of Cake Mixing in anticipation of the harbinger of the most celebrated and joyous festival of the season…. Christmas !

Cake mixing is beyond a process…it is an age old ritual that dates back to 17th century in Europe and marks the onset of the harvest season wherein fruits and nuts bloom in abundance. Fruits and nuts are mixed with quality wine and alcohol so as to infuse rich aroma and whirl out the best delectable plum cakes to be distributed amongst loved ones..

The students and faculty of SRIHM participated whole heartedly…with tremendous zest in the Cake Mixing ceremony as a start to the fiery spirit of Christmas….!

Vivid and vibrant colored nuts and dried fruits were carefully and artistically arranged in the form of Santa Claus by the students.

Amidst a lot of whoop and cheer, bottles of alcohol were uncorked and poured generously over the spread of fruits and nuts….and then the entire team dug into the exuberant custom of mixing…..thereby infusing a spirit of love, happiness and warmth into this “Season of Giving” …in a true sense indeed…!!


Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management - SRIHM